Open Source Firmware Conference - Participate now!

Submit until October, 1st 2020
Submission deadline extended until October, 14th 2020

The OSFC is the first conference which focuses on all open source firmware projects.

Our goal is to bring together as many open source firmware projects, hardware manufacturers and developers as possible to collaborate and share their knowledge. The conference will take place for the third time in 2020 and will be held virtual this year.

We provide an appropriate platform to bring together as many open source projects, hardware manufacturers and developers as possible. In order to collaborate, share knowledge and push the firmware development in an open source manner.
We’re happy to host the OSFC for the third time. Therefore, we depend on your contributions to make it a successful conference.

List of Topics

  • Free and Open Source firmware.
  • Free and Open Source hardware from embedded device to server system.
  • State-of-the-art security in firmware.
  • Firmware and hardware reverse engineering.
  • Current hardware / firmware security issues.
  • Advances in open hard- and firmware on the market.
  • Bootloader and Hypervisor integration with firmware components.
  • Open Source Firmware testing and tooling.

Submission Guidelines

There are two types of submissions this year: Talks and Sessions. During submission, you only need to provide an abstract. You can upload further resources like papers or slides afterwards. These can be updated until deadline and after acceptance.

In case of submitting a talk you need to record your presentation after acceptance until November, 1st 2020. We will assist you with tools for the recording.


  • Deadline October, 1st 2020 - extended until October, 14th 2020
  • Choose between short talk 15 min or long talk 30 min
  • Submit an abstract describing you topic
  • Notification of acceptance will be sent to you as soon as possible, latest at October, 15. 2020
  • After acceptance you need to provide your recorded presentation until November , 1st 2020
  • We will assist you with tools for recording you presentation


  • Sessions are like discussion forums
  • Become a moderator of your own round table
  • 40 minutes are recommended but the time is up to you
  • Invite up to 9 other people to join with video and audio
  • Up to 500 attendees can watch your session live
  • Sessions can be used to:
    1. discuss on a certain topic
    2. presenting a demo
    3. implementing a project feature
    4. working on a pull request
  • Provide a descriptive abstract
  • Submit a session until October, 1st 2020 (extended until October, 14th 2020) so it will show up at the schedule after acceptance and generate traction to the attendees
  • Sessions can also be started spontaneously by any attendee at the event

Speakers of accepted submissions get a ticket refund. (Maximum two ticket refunds per submission)


Submissions Due: Oktober, 1st 2020 - extended until October, 14th 2020
Notification of Acceptance: After review, latest October 15th 2020
Conference: First Week of December

Digital Venue

The conference is hosted by 9elements Cyber Security at
Information on how to access the event platform will be provided to speakers in due course. At the same time you will receive instructions for the presentation.


Talks and Sessions will be streamed to the audience via the event platform. Further, talks will be recorded and published afterwards. If a recording is not desired by a speaker, this can be marked during the submission process.
The OSFC 2020 proceedings will be made available online afterwards.

Code of Conduct


email to:
phone to: +49 (0) 234 689 41 88

Please note, all times and dates in this system are CET - Central European Time (UTC+1)

This Call for Papers closed on 2020-10-15 09:00 (Europe/Berlin).