Platform configuration Utility for Intel Platforms
12-03, 18:20–19:00 (Europe/Berlin), Session Area

Currently bootloader systems on Intel platforms requires rebuilding of firmware image to change any Platform parameters through static configurations. Using Platform configuration utilities, we want to provide an OS agnostic GUI solution in payload stage, where the users would be able to configure platform settings on runtime on devices directly. This would largely simplify development/validation/debug process, make it faster, user friendly and provide user much more flexibility. With this on-the-fly functionality, we will able to provide more control to the user without the need for building & flashing the firmware images.

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Sheng is a firmware engineer working on coreboot and Slim Bootloader projects after joining Intel in 2017. Since then he has developed a keen interest in firmware development and actively involved in open source firmware initiatives . Outside of work Sheng is a tech geek and enjoys playing Frisbee.

Aamir works as Coreboot FW Engineer at Intel. He is been working on chromebook firmware SoC code development and board bring ups for new generation Intel SoCs . Prior to this , he was working as UEFI BIOS Engineer and was responsible for enabling windows based designs.