Aamir Bohra

Aamir works as Coreboot FW Engineer at Intel. He is been working on chromebook firmware SoC code development and board bring ups for new generation Intel SoCs . Prior to this , he was working as UEFI BIOS Engineer and was responsible for enabling windows based designs.

  • Platform configuration Utility for Intel Platforms
Adam Drewery

As an Embedded/Electrical Engineer, my focus is primarily on the physical electronics within the IoT solutions we design. I particularly enjoy designing and advising on PCB and wire harness design. This ranges from designing and prototyping circuits, schematic capture, PCB layout, interfacing with vendors throughout manufacturing, and supporting firmware and software design. I also enjoy working on embedded C/C++ firmware when I get the opportunity.

  • Agile Hardware Leveraging Open Source Designs
Andrea Barberio

Production Engineer at Facebook, working on Open Source Firmware, booting and testing infrastructure.

  • Open Source firmware testing with ConTest
Bhupesh Sharma

I work with Red Hat and am I a part of the RH kernel team. I have been hacking on bootloaders and kernel since past 13 years. I contribute to Linux, EFI/u-boot bootloader code base and also to user-space utilities like kexec-tools and crash-utility. I also co-maintain crash-utility tool upstream. Bringing up a Silicon (i.e. running the first SW on it) after hardware tapeout is my passion and I have interest in pre-silicon emulator and simulator design methodologies as well.

  • kexec based bootloaders/fast rebooting: Boon or Bane
Bin Gao

AWS BIOS engineer.

  • SeaBIOS as CSM on physical hardware
Christian Walter

Firmware Developer - Security Researcher

  • Project Mu
  • Open Source firmware testing with ConTest
Dan Lindeman

An educator-turned-developer, Daniel got his start in the software industry testing embedded automotive infotainment systems for Johnson Controls in 2014. While he was there, Daniel created new components for and maintained the company's Python automated testing framework. Daniel held other QA-related roles until becoming a Software Engineer at Blue Medora in 2016. While at Blue Medora, he served as a project lead, a platform extensions software engineer, and a recruitment and outreach advocate. In 2017, Daniel joined Spantree, where he worked on planning and optimization problems, data pipelines, and search solutions.

  • Short Circuit IoT Development with Nerves
Deleted User
  • Guiding Engineering Teams Toward a More Secure Usage of U-Boot
Dong Wei

Dong Wei is an Arm Fellow and is responsible for the Arm SystemReady program and the related standards. He is the Chief Executive of the UEFI Forum, and a Board member at PCI SIG and CXL Consortium.

  • Arm SystemReady and the UEFI firmware ecosystem
Gabriel Biren

Gabriel Biren is a student at UCLA, currently working on a Master's in Computer Science.

  • Webboot
Guo Dong

Guo worked on Linux 3 years before he joined in Intel UEFI team (aka Tiano team). After 8 years UEFI engineering development he moved to bootloader firmware development from 2015. He knows well about UEFI EDKII, especially its security features including TCG Trusted Platform Module (TPM), secure boot, user identification (UID), SMM variables, etc.
He enabled coreboot on several Intel platforms before he created Slim Bootloader with team members. He is also a maintainer for the open sourced UEFI payload in EDKII.

  • Standardized payload interface
Heinrich Schuchardt

Heinrich is the maintainer of the UEFI sub-system in U-Boot.

  • UEFI compliance testing
Jack Rosenthal

Jack works at Google on the Chrome OS team on open source firmware projects. Jack has a BS and MS in Computer Science from Colorado School of Mines.

  • Zephyr as an open platform for Google's embedded controllers
Jan Dąbroś

Jan Dąbroś is an embedded software engineer interested in firmware, hardware and security.
He is working at the Semihalf - company based in Cracow, Poland. Previously he was working on different firmware projects (both for embedded and server class platforms), including U-Boot, ARM-TF and EDK2. Recently he has engaged in development of the coreboot.

  • Unit testing coreboot
Jean-Marie Verdun

Jean-Marie Verdun is Senior Strategist Open Platform at HPE since december 2019. Before joining HPE, he created his own company in 2006 dedicated to energy management in IT and Open Hardware platforms that he successfully sold in 2018. He actively participated to the early stage of linuxboot and is a long term contributor to various open source tools like FreeCAD used to design Open Hardware platforms.

  • Linuxboot on HPE platform where do we stand
Jeff McGehee

As Very’s Director of Engineering, Jeff leverages his broad technical expertise to architect systems that involve intelligent machines within client projects.

Before graduating to his Director of Engineering role, Jeff was a regular contributor to the OTA (over the air) firmware update server NervesHub, applying his learnings from Very's IoT projects. He also served as a machine learning and hardware solutions leader.

Before joining Very, Jeff was a research and design engineer at Variable, Inc., where he developed proprietary mathematical models for accurate color measurement, set up a scientific analysis Python environment with custom modules for internal company use, and built and deployed internal tools that allow non-technical workers to apply machine learning models.

  • Letter from a Manager: How to Convince Me Open Source Firmware is a Good Idea
Jens Drenhaus

Firmware developer at 9elements Cyber Security

  • Opening Event OSFC 2020
  • SystemTransparency and it's bootloader implementation stboot
Jiewen Yao

Jiewen Yao is a principal engineer in the Intel Architecture, Graphics, and Software Group. He has been engaged as a firmware developer for over 15 years. He is a member of the UEFI Security sub team, and the TCG PC Client sub working group. He is the maintainer of tianocore/EDKII security package and crypto package.

  • Enabling Rust for UEFI Firmware
  • An open source SPDM implementation for secure device communication
  • Virtual Firmware for Intel® Trust Domain Extensions
John Looney

John Looney has been an SRE since 2005, managing most types of large distributed systems for Google and Facebook. He has been teaching people to be an SRE for over ten years, and is on the SRECon steering committee. He is now a Production Engineering manager, supporting the people who deploy firmware and operating systems to Facebook's fleet. He hopes to ensure that Open System Firmware will be firmware, built for SRE by SREs.

  • Facebook Keynote: Building an alternative ecosystem to UEFI
Loo Tung Lun

Tung Lun is a senior BIOS lead at Intel Corporation focusing on BIOS and bootloader solutions design and power on activities on IOTG platforms. He had successfully brought up BIOS and bootloaders for Apollo Lake, Elkhart Lake, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake and future Intel IOT platforms. Tung Lun also authored 5 US and WIPO patents. He is appointed as Intel Malaysia Site Innovators Technical and Cultural Advisor.

  • Introducing open firmware development model for the Programmable Service Engine's in Intel Atom x6000E Series
Luke Leighton

Luke Leighton specialises in Libre Ethical Technology. His first reverse-engineering was the Windows Network Neighbourhood, and the most recent was the DDR3 DRAM initialisation sequence for the RK3388. He now designs eco-conscious products and is currently the lead of the Libre-SOC hybrid 3D CPU / GPU SoC.

  • The delicate disadvantage of Reverse-Engineering
Marcin Wojtas

Head of Engineering in Semihalf. Passionate about embedded software and hardware. Contributor to a number of open source projects, including Linux kernel, Tianocore EDK2 and TF-A. FreeBSD committer.

  • Marvell Octeon TX2 CN913x fully open source firmware
  • Platform configuration Utility for Intel Platforms
Michael Kubacki

Michael Kubacki is a firmware engineer at Microsoft currently focused on FW/OS interaction and core UEFI features in Azure and Surface. Michael previously worked on system integration and firmware development at Intel across several generations of mobile SoC, client, and server products. He is an advocate for open source software and bringing more production firmware code into open source.

  • PRM: SMM Goes on a Diet
Michał Żygowski

Firmware Engineer with networking background. Feels comfortable with low-level development using C/C++ and assembly. Interested in advanced hardware features, security and coreboot. Core developer of coreboot. Maintainer of Braswell SoC, PC Engines, Protectli and Libretrend platforms. Creating open source firmware solution in 3mdeb Embedded Systems Consulting for 3 years. Active speaker at various open source firmware related conferences: Open Source Firmware Conference 2018 and 2019, Xen Developer And Design Summit 2020 and others.

  • POWER9 support in coreboot
  • TrenchBoot DRTM features for AMD platforms
Paul Fagerburg

Paul has been at Google for about 1.5 years, working on embedded firmware in ChromeOS. Prior to joining Google, Paul worked at a variety of large and small companies in areas including medical devices, commercial aviation, and military systems. Paul holds a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Electrical Engineering.

  • Zephyr as an open platform for Google's embedded controllers
Philipp Deppenwiese

OSFC founder

  • Keynote 9elements
Piotr Król

Piotr Król is a multi-disciplinary executive running several companies in the embedded systems and semiconductor industries, including 3mdeb, LPN Plant, and Vitro Technology. Prior to starting his own companies, he worked as an engineer for Intel for over seven years. Piotr is also an open-source evangelist, active in the Open Source Firmware (e.g. coreboot) and Linux communities.

  • POWER9 support in coreboot
  • TrenchBoot DRTM features for AMD platforms
  • Platform configuration Utility for Intel Platforms
Ravi Rangarajan
  • Standardized payload interface
Richard Hughes

Richard has over 15 years of experience developing open source software. He is the maintainer of fwupd, the LVFS, GNOME Software, AppStream-glib, PackageKit, gnome-packagekit, gnome-power-manager, gnome-color-manager, colord, and UPower and also contributes to many other projects and opensource standards.

Richard graduated in 2007 from the University of Surrey with a Masters in Electronics Engineering. He now works as a principle engineer for Red Hat. Richard's outside interests include taking photos, eating good food and looking after his two daughters.

  • Why LVFS is Essential for OEMs
  • How to write a fwupd plugin
Ronak Kanabar
  • Platform configuration Utility for Intel Platforms
ronald g. minnich

Ron has worked in free and open source for decades, and, along the way, started linuxbios, helped found coreboot, created u-root, and helped found linuxboot. He's also very active in the plan 9 and other kernel communities.

  • pure open source on an AMD Zen
  • oreboot status report
Ryan O'Leary
  • oreboot status report
Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud

Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud is a Sr. Principal Architect at Arm, working on Arm SystemReady and firmware architecture. He is an active contributor to industry standards such as UEFI, ACPI, CXL, and DMTF Redfish, as well as the TianoCore open source firmware project.

  • Arm SystemReady and the UEFI firmware ecosystem
Shiyu Xu

A student at USC, currently working on a Master's in Computer Science.

  • Webboot
Sumeet Pawnikar

Sumeet Pawnikar is working as senior system software developer at Intel.
He has majorly worked on embedded systems, Android OS based Smartphone and Tablet devices for Linux BSP development. He has widely worked on ARM and IA architecture. He has over 14 years of experience in open source software development.
Last 4+ years working on overall system thermal management for various Intel SoC based Chrome OS projects, this includes firmware, kernel/OS and application interaction. He has been involved in design, development and implementation of thermal policies along with enablement and tuning thermal policies on Intel Chrome reference boards and support various OEM/ODM designs.

  • coreboot Thermal Management on Intel based systems
Supreeth Venkatesh

Supreeth Venkatesh works as a System Manageability Architect @ AMD.

  • AMD's Journey towards Open Source OpenBMC firmware
Tan Lean Sheng

Sheng is a firmware engineer working on coreboot and Slim Bootloader projects after joining Intel in 2017. Since then he has developed a keen interest in firmware development and actively involved in open source firmware initiatives . Outside of work Sheng is a tech geek and enjoys playing Frisbee.

  • Platform configuration Utility for Intel Platforms
Timothy Wawrzynczak

Tim has nearly 15 years experience in firmware, including: automated welding machines, adding WiFi to Things, wireless consumer electronics, automated liquid chromotography, safety-critical systems, 3-phase power monitoring & voltage sag correction, robotics & machine vision, and now works on firmware for Chrome OS devices.

  • coreboot Thermal Management on Intel based systems
Trammell Hudson

I like to take things apart.

  • Bootling Linux more safely with safeboot
Vernon Mauery

Vernon has been working on BMC firmware for Intel for nearly 10 years. Proprietary firmware at first, and now OpenBMC. His main areas of focus are crypto, security, and bootloaders, but he also dabbles in Linux kernel, and other parts of OpenBMC as well. He is also one of the maintainers for the OpenBMC IPMI stack.

  • Trusted Execution Environment on OpenBMC
Vincent Zimmer

Vincent is an engineer working on firmware in the Pacific Northwest. He has been on the EFI team at Intel since the late 90's.

  • Enabling Rust for UEFI Firmware
Xiaoyu Ruan
  • An open source SPDM implementation for secure device communication
Zhikui Ren

BMC Firmware engineer

  • Trusted Execution Environment on OpenBMC