Enabling Rust for UEFI Firmware
12-03, 19:00–19:30 (Europe/Berlin), Main Stage

This talk will introduce some work in progress activities to enable Rust in EDK II.
The session will include use cases for Rust in EDK II, advantages of Rust when applied to firmware components, limitations in firmware environments and the types of issues that can be avoided by leveraging language based security in EDK II. Memory safety issues contributed to approximately 70% of recent security issues in software (per MS). In firmware, over 50% of reported issues in EDK II open source are related to memory safety. Future looking directions will also be shared.

Related Projects

TrustedFirmware, tianocore, UEFI

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Jiewen Yao is a principal engineer in the Intel Architecture, Graphics, and Software Group. He has been engaged as a firmware developer for over 15 years. He is a member of the UEFI Security sub team, and the TCG PC Client sub working group. He is the maintainer of tianocore/EDKII security package and crypto package.

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Vincent is an engineer working on firmware in the Pacific Northwest. He has been on the EFI team at Intel since the late 90's.