Zephyr as an open platform for Google's embedded controllers
12-03, 00:45–01:00 (Europe/Berlin), Main Stage

Since 2012, Google has developed an open source embedded controller for Chromebooks. Recently, Google has committed to use Zephyr OS in future embedded controller designs. We discuss the benefits of moving to a community-driven RTOS instead of using our custom kernel. We also discuss Google’s plans to contribute to Zephyr OS.

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Jack works at Google on the Chrome OS team on open source firmware projects. Jack has a BS and MS in Computer Science from Colorado School of Mines.

Paul has been at Google for about 1.5 years, working on embedded firmware in ChromeOS. Prior to joining Google, Paul worked at a variety of large and small companies in areas including medical devices, commercial aviation, and military systems. Paul holds a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Electrical Engineering.