SeaBIOS as CSM on physical hardware
12-03, 21:15–21:30 (Europe/Berlin), Main Stage

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SeaBIOS is generally used as CSM on QEMU to boot legacy OS with UEFI BIOS. However, to achieve the same goal on physical hardware is not straightforward and we're facing challenges. We're able to overcome all these challenges and successfully boot legacy OS almost from all kinds of medias(SATA, NVMe, PXE, etc,) by applying various extension and subtle changes on physical server computers. In this presentation, we'll highlight the changes and extensions we made on SeaBIOS. For example, PCI rom BEV(e.g. iPXE) boot support, 64bit MMIO support by BIOS provided SMM, >128K pci oprom memory support, boot event log sent to BIOS(by SMI), VGA console to Serial console redirection, map hard drives dynamically to support more than 2 hard drives, timer/clock fix to support pci rom dispatching, and so on.

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